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School Library Journal

Fiona can be hard to get along with: she’s a little prickly, clueless, opinionated, and unrelenting. When a course on marriage, a requirement for graduation, forces her to “wed” Todd, a male cheerleader, she is flabbergasted. They are the worst match on the planet, and she just knows this will be torture. To make matters worse, her best friend announces that she is in love with Fiona’s lifelong crush, and that she finds Fiona too self-absorbed. Fiona is, of course, hurt, and left without a friend on whom she can rely. However, her senior year is also filled with hilarious situations. As she deals with her trials and tribulations, Fiona learns a great deal about herself and about how to interact with other people. While the book is laugh-out-loud funny in some places, it also gives readers time to pause and think about priorities, relationships, and making the most of trying situations.